About PROXENTA Group

The PROXENTA investment group has operated on Slovak and Czech markets since 2009. Since then, it has helped its clients invest over 150 million euros in both its own projects and the projects of its partners. Within PROXENTA group, you primarily invest into its own projects or financial instruments. The group offers its own note and bond programmes along with product packages with fixed ROI of 6 to 9 percent with the duration of 1 to 4 years. The group's offer also includes investment into shares in its own projects that are not publicly traded and have a potential profit of over 10% per year.

PROXENTA Investment Group

PROXENTA Broker, s.r.o.

Separate financial agent.

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PROXENTA Finance, o.c.p., a.s.

Stock trader.

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PROXENTA Bohemia, s.r.o.

Stock issuer.

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PROXENTA Private Equity, s.r.o.

Stock issuer.

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Issued the PXB 7,5/2019 bonds.

Issued the PPE 5/2015 20Y bonds.

Started the construction of the second stage of the Dúhové bývanie housing project in Nitra, construction of the whole project finished in the same year.

Acquired the real estate and begun preparatory works for the new construction project Pod Srdcom in Bratislava.

Started the construction of the Weinhauer housing project in Bratislava and begun the sales of the flats.

Initiated negotiations with municipalities regarding the third Fénix rented housing project.

Changed the company address – the new headquarters can be found at Mlynské Nivy 42, Bratislava.


Successfully finished the Fénix I. project in Andovce.

Issued the PXB 7,50/17 bonds.

Initiated the construction of the first stage of the Dúhové bývanie housing project in Nitra.


Stabilised the brokering activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Performed preparatory operations for including a stock broker in the group.


Established the Proxenta investment group.

Acquired the licence from the National Bank of Slovakia to operate as a separate financial agent.


Started the Town Hill project (initially bought under the name Tabáň) in Nitra.

Started the residential project of Rezidencia medzi hviezdami in the centre of Bratislava.

Issued the PPE 7,5/19 bonds.

Finalised the preparatory steps leading to the launch of production in Healthy Food Supplements.

Introduced a new way of investment in the group’s projects by direct participation.


Finished the first stage of the Dúhové bývanie housing project in Nitra.

Started three projects in Bratislava – Weinhauer, Fénix II. Bratislava and PROXENTA Tower.

Entered the food production industry – initiated own production project of Healthy Food Supplements, a.s.


Acquired the stock broker licence for PROXENTA Finance.

Initiated own note programe of PROXENTA Group.

Initiated the construction of the FÉNIX I. housing project in Andovce.


Acquired the licence from the Czech National Bank to operate as an investment broker.