Our clients were previously used to investing their free funds solely by means of securities, bonds and notes issued within the Proxenta group. This year, we added a new way of investment that offers interesting possibilities.

In the summer, we first let our clients to directly participate in a selected project as venturers of Proxenta and have a share in the total profit. The difference between this investment model and bonds and notes is that the invested funds are not distributed equally among Proxenta’s projects, but appreciate solely in the selected investment project. The profit is not stated in advance, as is the case of bonds and notes, but is merely estimated. There is also a difference in the profit payout scheduling. The client will acquire the profit after the project has finished. The reward for the longer wait is the fact that the estimated profit with this type of investment is significantly higher than the 7.5% of bonds.

The new product is primarily targeted at our existing clients, with whom it has already resonated positively.