Dear Proxenta´s Clients, Colleagues and Business Partners,

In January I always find time to look back at the former twelve months and review them. When I was speaking to you a year ago I stated that the most important duty of Proxenta in the year 2016 would be to strengthen our projects portfolio and to extend it by quality and major investment projects. Strong and balanced project portfolio will help us to continue in offering high revenues and safe investment opportunities being the top on the market. Today I am pleased to state that we have succeeded in fulfilling our plans.

In this year, Proxenta has entered its eighth year of existence and I am really looking forward to see what we can be proud of when we celebrate together our tenth anniversary.

Definitely, we will hold the celebrations in our own premises the construction of which has just started in Račianske mýto in the multifunctional building Tower One. We will be able to learn more about the project in the next month from its websites or advertising campaign.

Our work efforts are currently directed at the HFS (Healthy Food Supplements) project with the production hall construction reaching its end. HFS represents the access of Proxenta to the food industry and ensures a very important diversification within the projects portfolio. Also thanks to HFS our portfolio is more stable and the investment risk rate is lower.

Very soon we will have a final inspection in the residential building Weinhauer in Jozefská Street. We can announce with pride that the flats and commercial premises in Weinhauer are almost sold out already before the final inspection and we can already consider the project a success.

Just the first months of flats sale in Weinhauer confirmed our presumption that the site by the former grocery Hviezda in Bratislava near Kollárovo Square is very well selected for the residential project construction. That was also the reason why we exercised the required efforts and in May we succeeded to buy the adjacent administrative building with a land. The “Rezidencia medzi hviezdami” (Residence among Stars) project will soon start there.

Several months later another big project was added to our project “Rezidencia medzi hviezdami”. We purchased it under the name Tabáň and it will be presented under the name Town Hill. The project on an exceptional site in Nitra city centre will offer flats, office spaces and commercial premises.

“Rezidencia medzi hviezdami” and “Town Hill” are very important for Proxenta also for another reason. Just by means of them we provided our investors in this year also with a new investment product – direct investment to a specific project with the average annual revenue exceeding 10%. For some time we have been looking for another suitable investment model to be added to our popular promissory notes and bonds that would be tailored to the ideas and wishes of our clients. We are very pleased that we succeeded in this and that the feedback to our new investment product was so favourable.

With the start of the year 2017 we renewed and changed also our promissory notes and bonds programmes. We issued three new bonds issues, because the former ones were sold out and the sale ended by the end of 2016. Just because we have so strong and properly structured projects portfolio we have not reduced significantly the revenues from bonds and promissory notes in spite of the market trends. Our competitiveness on the Slovak market remains still very high.

Of course, in our portfolio we have preserved the PLUS packages, which have been our best sold product for long. And not only that. We have even extended them. You can find transparent revenues tables for individual packages on our updated websites

It still applies that the clients with the investment of 100 thousand and more have 50% discount from fees. This benefit saves the money of growing number of our clients as the clients show more and more trust to us and the volume of their investments is growing.

I would like to thank our clients for that sincerely.

Thank you for contacting us with proposals of investment products and settings you would like to have and also thanks to you we could offer a new product of direct access to investments in this year.

Thank you that you reinvest most of your money invested after the investment period expiration with us showing your trust to us.

Thank you for doubling the volume of funds invested with us on a year-on-year basis.

Thank you for recommending us to others and for the fact that a big part of new clients comes to us today thanks to your references.

However, not to make the impression that it is all about revenues, percentage and figures in Proxenta, I will mention our social educational project Proxíkova euroakadémia, by means of which Proxenta as a successful group intends to return its share back to the society. Its objective is to teach children already in early age that it is needed to save and respect the money, so that they can later buy things they need or make them happy. Proxík Dolphin comes for free to children in all Slovak kindergartens with its songs, a cardoon on a DVD, workbooks and teaching aids and we are pleased that it was welcomed not only by teachers but also by kids.

In the end I would like to assure all of you that I will do my best for Proxenta to deserve your trust and be always a strong and stabile group increasing the value of clients´ investments professionally and with expertise.

Wishing you a successful year 2017.

Pavol Kožík

PROXENTA Investment Group Owner