Financial instruments: PROXENTA group bonds, bonus note
Issuer: A PROXENTA group company
Minimum investment amount: 30 000 Eur
Total return rate of the investment (bonds and note): The fixed return rate is 7.5% per year from the bonds plus a bonus note with the return rate of 1.5% of the amount invested, repayable within a year of the bond acquisition. The client will be thus paid the return of 9% in the first year. Therefore, the total return rate is 24%.

Investment appreciation: The financial resources from both assets shall be appreciated in the projects of the PROXENTA financial group.
Related fees: as stated in the price list of the stock trader

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Notice: This document is only of informative value and does not qualify as an investment recommendation. Investment in financial instruments is also connected with risk. The past and present returns do not guarantee future returns. When investing in the financial instruments issued by PROXENTA group, there is a risk of concentration. This risk lies in the fact that the Company recommends its clients to buy primarily the financial instruments issued within PROXENTA group. The client should thus consider the investment in these financial instruments to be an addition to a broader portfolio, which, as a part of diversification, further includes the financial instruments of other issuers.